Dayton Dynamo Hope to Ignite Soccer Passion in Gem City


Dayton Dynamo soccer has been resurrected after 20 years. The previous incarnation of the Dynamo played professional indoor soccer in Dayton from 1988 to 1995 before the franchise was moved to Cincinnati. Now the Dynamo will be the new name of a National Premier Soccer League team making the move from Cincinnati to Dayton.


The Dayton Dynamo launch was well attended.

It had been known for some time that the Cincinnati Saints would be moving to Dayton, but the team’s new identity remained a secret. The secret was revealed at an organized event on Thursday evening at Chaminade Julienne High School. A crowd of interested fans, media, and local dignitaries were on hand for the announcement.

Dynamo owner David Satterwhite said that the name was chosen because it resonates with young professionals, city leaders, and the soccer community in Dayton. It came up time after time in conversations he had while gauging the Dayton market’s interest in a new soccer team.

“I am a big fan of tradition,” said Satterwhite. “We built a tradition down in Cincinnati, and now we’re looking to build upon the tradition that has been built [in Dayton].”

It is not just the Dynamo name that connects the transplanted soccer club’s brand to the city of Dayton. D.J. Switzer produced a clean, attractive logo that subtly incorporates elements with which Daytonians can identify. The rationale for his design is provided at Wrong Side of the Pond.

The Dynamo will begin play at Welcome Stadium in the spring of 2016 before moving to a more permanent home at Chaminade Julienne’s Roger Glass Stadium in 2017. When construction of Roger Glass Stadium is completed, the field will have dimensions more than suitable for hosting professional soccer in an intimate downtown venue.


CJ President Dan Meixner, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Dynamo Owner David Satterwhite, Dynamo Head Coach Dave Wall

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley remarked on the transformative effects of holding sporting events in the downtown area and pointed to the success of the Dayton Dragons minor league baseball team.

“We love to support our local teams. We love to cheer them on, and we love to watch them win,” said Mayor Whaley. “We are excited for this opportunity.”

Chaminade Julienne President Dan Meixner was equally excited to announce the partnership between the school and the Dayton Dynamo.

Meixner said, “We look forward to hosting professional soccer downtown in a facility perfect for the sport.”

David Satterwhite reveals Dayton Dynamo logo.

David Satterwhite reveals Dayton Dynamo logo.

An actual dynamo is used to transform work into electrical energy, and Satterwhite hopes the efforts exerted by his Dynamo translate to an electric atmosphere in Dayton. He stated that he owns the team, but it belongs to the city and the fans.

“To be honest, I just hope we’re embraced. What I mean by that is that the city believes in what we’re trying to build. Obviously it takes time to build a fan base. It’s not built overnight. It’s earned,” said Satterwhite. “A successful season is we get a lot of attention from local media, we get a lot of fan support, we have a winning season. I don’t think there are any specific numbers. You can really tell if you’re being supported by the fan engagement with how they make it their own. That will be what will determine what is successful, how well the fans engage with what we are trying to build.”

Past and present players revel in the excitement of the new home in Dayton.

Past and present players revel in the excitement of the new home in Dayton.

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