The USL Show Episode 1

Scratching the Pitch has partnered up with Josh Beeman and Kyle Kepner of Indomitable City Soccer and Brendan Doherty of The Bent Musket to bring you a brand new podcast dedicated to the USL. Our roundtable discussions will bring you insights and informed opinions based on a multitude of years covering the league. Our interviews with personalities around the league will bring you behind the scenes.

Our first episode examines aspects of the relationship between USL and MLS. I think we all agree that the partnership is generally good for USL, but we raise some concerns as well.

We also delve into the ownership crisis the league is trying to overcome with the Rochester Rhinos. Brendan’s extensive history with the club helps us to provide some unique perspective.

We expect the show to be up on iTunes, Stitcher, and other outlets in the very near future. In the off chance that you are too impatient to wait, click play in the bar below.

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