Dayton Dynamo Look to Add Talent through Tryouts



Much remains to be accomplished before the Dayton Dynamo begin the NPSL season on May 7, including the construction of a roster. To that end, the Dynamo held an invitational tryout at Dayton Center Courts on Saturday. Locally scouted players combined with those who impressed at a previous open tryout for an opportunity at a bigger invitation, one to join the team.

The Dynamo technical staff evaluated the players in small-sided matches. The aspiring trialists not only competed against one another, but also against players returning from last year’s Cincinnati Saints squad. The move was designed to test the participants’ true level.


A Dynamo trialist tries to contain Christian Myton.

Christian Myton, whose commitment to return to play for the Dynamo was announced earlier this week, was on hand to put the trialists through their paces. Myton was not disappointed with what he observed at the tryouts.

“I think there’s a few good players here. I think that the squad that we had coming from the Cincy Saints was a strong squad, but there’s a couple players here that I think can add to the the level that we had there,” Myton said. “It was a good turnout. We had a lot of guys. The ones that we choose, I think they’ll fit well with the squad.”

David Satterwhite, owner of the Dayton Dynamo, appears more than pleased with the roster his technical staff has begun to assemble.

“Our team is already better than it was last year,” Satterwhite exclaimed to a gathering of media and staffers at the conclusion of tryouts.

A trialist prepares to let one fly toward goal.

A trialist prepares to let one fly toward goal.

That is a bold statement from the owner of a team that has only announced one signing thus far. Satterwhite, though, knows what he has returning, and he is confident in the talent that will be coming. A dozen or so more players from the Cincinnati Saints are set to continue their careers in Dayton. More than a handful of players from local colleges, including the University of Dayton and Wright State University, are also prepped to commit to the Dynamo.

Satterwhite is also familiar with the players who auditioned on Saturday, some of whom he recruited himself. One of those trialists, discovered by Satterwhite at a local pickup game, left a positive impression with every member of the staff.

It will take more than a collection of talented individuals to make a successful NPSL campaign for Dayton. Those individuals must coalesce as a single unit. Myton recognizes the need to develop team chemistry.

“If we can come together as a team and play as a unit, you can always grind out good results. Going in, you want to do well. You want to at least get into the top half of the table. We’ll see how we do,” Myton said.

Dynamo technical staff providing instruction.

Dynamo technical staff providing instruction.

Myton places the responsibility of developing a team-oriented approach on veteran players as well as the coaching staff.

“It’s a team effort. Everybody has to buy into the mentality,” Myton said. “I’m passionate about the club. I’m passionate about the city of Dayton. I’m going to be doing my job to make sure a set a good example for everyone else. It definitely comes from the top down. The coaches, they have their role as well.”

The collection of players that are eventually signed to the team will shoulder the responsibility of making the Dynamo’s first impression with fans in Dayton. Myton, for one, looks forward to the opportunity to represent his home town.

“I can’t wait. I’m excited. I think it’s going to be a great atmosphere,” Myton said. “A lot of people rally around that Dayton Dynamo name, so I think there’s going to be some big turnouts at the home games.”

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